• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02

Christmas Magic

Claire-Anne sat by the window, cradling a delicate object in her trembling hands.

Its name was lost to her, as well as its origin. The parcel that contained it had simply been resting on her bedside table when she woke up from yet another of the nightmares that had been plaguing her since childhood. The bay window had been slightly ajar, allowing the moon to sift in through the curtains and illuminate the glittering wrapping paper that held it. Stardust, tied together by midnight string. And here it was, unwrapped; a transparent pyramid shape.

A cool breeze reminded her that the window was, in fact, still open. She reached up to close it, pyramid still in hand. Then, as if inspired by the Christmas magic that lingered in the night, the pyramid began to thrum with warmth. She barely had time to notice it before she heard it speak. All logic defied it, yet she knew it was the object that spoke; a faint whisper of shimmering syllables that twinkled in the air around her.

Claire-Anne sank to her knees by the window. Mesmerised, she caressed the sides of the pyramid, tears gathering in her eyes. Could it truly be so simple?

Despite the insanity in it, she heard herself voice her despair to the pyramid. Life had been so harsh on her. She had tried, and tried again, yet nothing ever seemed to change. She was constantly overlooked, not given chances, ignored and cast aside. Despite trying her best it was not enough.

The tears came trickling as she spoke, sliding down her face and landing on the front of her nightgown. She was ashamed of herself. Broken. Claire-Anne’s head sunk low over the pyramid.

A pearly teardrop fell through the air and landed on the side of the


Christmas Magic

pyramid. A loud fizzing burned the surface where the teardrop fell before Claire-Anne blinked in amazement as the surface...absorbed the fluid…and changed colour..?

Yes. One of the pyramid’s sides now shimmered in blue.

Claire-Anne ran her thumb across the surface, trying to understand. Another tear fell; a green side appeared. The third drop fell, tainting a third side yellow, as Claire-Anne watched. Whatever the..?

Then she heard them again. The whispers.

Instinct drove her to bring the pyramid to her ear. Nothing. Or…something…

She turned it in her hand, pressing another side to her ear. Words of encouragement, confidence, and purpose flooded her.

Another turn promised her prosperity and harmony, good health and security.

The last turn brought out a happy and positive voice that whispered joyous tidings and change for the better in the days to come.

It was as if the pyramid had heard her fears and sorrow and promised her that it would all change. All the difficulties would turn for the better.

A pinkish glow spread from her hand up toward the pyramid. She smiled as she saw it, saw her essence, seep into the last empty side.

All would be well.