• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 08
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Choreographed Hurricane

“How are we today?”
“I’ve been relatively well, thank you. Do you have my results?”
“In fact, they just arrived. Here we have the microscopic image of your lymph node examination.”
“It’s so colorful and pretty.”
“It has been stained with three dyes to guarantee perfect visibility.”
“What do you see, doctor?”
“Your immune cells are aligned in different directions, like confetti. Ssee?”
“They look like ice cream sprinkles, or funfetti. I wonder what they are covering.”
“Nothing. You have to imagine them moving through your capillary beds, like jellyfish in the ocean.”
“Interesting. Is there something else you see, doctor?”
"I see some cells clustering into a fur-like texture that resembles a yellow-bellied beetle with a grapefruit colored crust. Oh and...”
“Another collection of cells appears to be forking its way between the beetle, like a choreographed hurricane and that is unusual for ...”
“For a person my age?”
“No, it is quite unusual for a Granuloma.”
“Is it serious?”
“Not if we treat it. You will have to take one of these steroid pills every day with a glass of water.”
“Doctor, am I going to...?”
“Don't you worry, son. You'll get better in no time.”
“That’s not what I meant. Am I going to be allowed to take the image home?”