• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 11
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There was another assignation last night. The third of which I was aware. She returned earlier this time.
'Pearl', I said firmly (but quaking inside) 'You must choose between us. On the one hand there is Otilee and myself - the pair whom you professed to love for ever. Or you may decide to opt for this mysterious Clive, your unprincipled, smart-ass new lover. However, if you choose him you can kiss goodbye to this gorgeous silky-haired lady. She will stay with me!'
The shouting, screaming and berating me took it's toll on us. Poor Otilee looked bewildered and unhappy. I slept on the sofa, near her basket, whilst Pearl flounced off to our bed, flinging clothes into her suitcase.
This morning we bathed our 'baby' in complete silence.Not one word, or a yelp, was exchanged.I packed the necessary requirements. Quietly, we left the apartment and I hailed a taxi. The air was thick with tension and wafts of patchouli oil (Pearls', not Otilees')
So here we are, groomed and nervous in this hotbed of canine and human expectancy. I am keeping my eyes on a subdued dog ,whilst Pearl stands behind me, seemingly reluctant to take part.
My thoughts keep turning to this Clive character. Who is he? Is he wealthy? Is he good in the sack? How long has he been in the picture?
The room has become hushed. Someone is striding towards us. He looks at Pearl and winks. She blushes and looks away. Realization hits me like an sudden stomach ache. He is the top judge! His word is final.
He is also the reason for those seedy assignations. I feel as though my neck is in a noose, with my new tie and starchy shirt. Don't faint I tell myself.
Clive thoroughly checks Otilee over, then presents me with a large Best In Show certificate.
'A truly beautiful bitch' he smirks.
'So is yours' I shout as they walk away together.'But watch her - she's not a very faithful one!'