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“Children of the Wheat”

September 3rd, 1981. A still frame from the set of "Children of the Wheat". Actor Herb Donithan and Actress Sophia Chuster laugh before shooting the final scenes. This romantic comedy takes place in south east Washington state where Jack (played by Herb Donithan) and Jules (played by Sophia Chuster) build a life together on a small wheat farm. Jack and Jules have chosen to sell their condo in the city to give farming a real 'go'. The adventure begins when some local children decide that these 'city folk ought not be in the country' and begin to sabotage everything, Jack and Jules can't grow a damn thing and they don't know why.

- I can only think of 20 or 30 movies funnier than this one. Definitely worth watching, if you have nothing happening in your life. --- Seattle Post Review .