• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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Cherry Lips Kiss Better

It's all about the me through your eyes -
cherry lips kiss better and that's just a fact,
pretty in pink
and petty as a picture.
Perhaps I spent too much time as a child
reading Fitzgerald
and thinking life
was scattered
with summers of love
along the French Riviera -
But in reality we'll pitch a tent
in Standlake
or somewhere in the Midlands
and really
you will never be happy -
with me,
the little bird in the dickie-bow.

It's here that all the world is plastic,
and honestly -
I think you might be melting.
I'm just that photo hanging on the wall,
that's faded and frayed and bending at the sides.

Cherry lips kiss better
and I am dry as crackers,
It's all about the me through your eyes,
and she's pretty as a picture.