• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 08


A girl at Uni I remember had a sleek hairstyle and skin which glowed like sunshine. Miss Popular she seemed to be. Guys swarmed round her like proverbial bees. Oh, yes, she certainly had the Midas touch with the opposite sex. This goddess was named AUrora.

Yeah, yeah, I was no exception, carrying her books and work projects to the locker. One time she linked a slim golden arm through mine and whispered that we would make good fuck buddies. Wow! Having heard from AL Chilvers who had previously jumped that particular hurdle I simply smiled and walked away.

Funny thing was that AUrora was almost as popular with the girls as the guys; no animosity there. There were usually one or two hanging on every word and laughter echoed throughout the hallowed corridors. Twins BEryl and BArbara attempted to copy her hairstyle: (didn't work as they were frizz bombs). HElen and ARthur (who would usually gas for hours) even forestalled cosy chats to listen to AUrora holding forth. CAssie Evans set her heart on FErgy Miller, but he seemed impervious to her brittle comments. In the end she gave up and dated CUrtis Curran, who was untouched by the shenanigans and was concentrating on exam results (determined to make a career as a copper).

Meanwhile FErgy, probably the best looker, decided to 'strike while the iron is hot' and dated AUrora Andrews for a half-term until she turned her attentions to one of our science teachers - which shouldn't have paid off but did.

They were good days, yet NIck Brown picked the winner. Yes I did! AGnes Appleton was dainty, funny, loved and married me.

I prefer silver to gold, anyway. All that glitters is not gold...