• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

Charon the bus driver

A shadow is watching, the shadow is watching,
the couple in parkas at the bus stop oblivious
to moving at 1 degree below, exploring their
passion for rumble strips together and apart,
dreaming of Beverly Hills renovations, balls of
light disguised as seals. And Charon the bus
driver smiles, shakes his head because what is
Friday night if not for the end of love and the
beginning of love and every death in-between,
a mindful leap to better living, a better you?
A better us. All the songs he’s heard before,
and still he can’t help but sing them under the
breath he doesn’t have, and that’s the lesson
isn’t it, a kiss is as good as a breath and inhale
inhale inhale the wonder of it, this, you, us.