• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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They close your lids
not knowing what you hide,
A wide curious sky,
A yellow beam untied.

They cage you in charms –
Charms not letting you stray,
A world of song and colour
awaits you, far away.

No! The evil will touch you!
is what they say,
You are sacred, you are fragile,
We will show your way.

You carry weight, you cut grain,
You make pots, or you perform…
The charms won’t let you ‘sin’.
They can ward off a storm.

Who are they trying to hide?
Your colour, your glow, your hope?
Evil lies in the eyes that pry,
using tradition as a trope.

Behind hidden doors and dark curtains,
they all will ravage you,
slyly siding the divine charms,
meant to protect you.



I know you will wear them –
squares that fence your spirit,
Home, is an uneasy playground,
with a loving parent’s writ.

Who is safe putting these on?
Who would come to your rescue?
Yes, you look up at the dark
the glimmer of stars mirror You!

Hope is a flickering flame
You have to let it burn
Time inches by your side
Tides take ages to turn.

You wear them!
You ignore them!
Your eyes, a wide curious sky
You’ll shine as an image,
in an artist’s mind.
You’ll reach us, with a loud cry.

Our dreams and fears entwined,
Someone would come to you,
Our lives distant, far apart,
Someone would think about you.

Change is a hard nut,
You don’t think about that,
Someone will hold your hand,
keeping the charms intact.



I will see you as an image,
again and again, in another time,
A story will change its track,
We will have mountains to climb!

Would you look different then?
Would you smile at me?
Would you own the charms?
Or would you set them free?