• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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I’m not a dashing handsome goose, but I’m unique with the patch of yellow hair on my head and sturdy web feet. My owner holds me tightly, and I squawk to make him put me down, but he doesn’t. My other friends are flapping their wings in the lake, the water against their beaks, and I’m resentful I can’t join in. Why can’t I be with them?

I hear noises from my owner’s mouth, but I don’t understand what they mean and the warm air against my feathers distracts me. Here come my friends swimming to shore. Oh, how I want to be with them.

“Here you go, Charlie. Go join your other companions.”

My owner places me on the ground and I wobble over to my friends. We all go into the lake happily splashing together.

I look over to shore, my owner waves and walks away.

I’m free.