• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06

Changes in Perspective

I see the sunrise – you see the sunset.
I see tall proud buildings – you see arrogant edifices of greed.
I see anarchy on the ground – you see eyes looking skyward.

I see you looking down – you see me running for cover.
I see a car veering into my path – you see me lying there.
I see utter nothingness – you see my soul float heavenward.

I see the knife coming – you see the boy hesitating.
I see my life disappearing – you see his redemption.
I see people shouting – you see the boy crying for his mother.

I see the homeless man – you see his troubled past.
I see his hopelessness – you see his salvation.
I see his life fading – you see his guardian angel descending.

I see the tired field hospital – you see recovery.
I see the burials – you see people saving lives.
I see the burning eyes of children – you see their future.

I see the rose tinted city – you see where it will all end.
I see the greed and despair – you see compassion.
I see the sunrise – you see the sunset.

Life full – Life half empty – Resurrection or Destruction.

                YOU DECIDE.