• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02


crescendo cubes creased over paper thin hypnosis
succulent skin prints suffocated by polyethylene magic
fingers in spinning lightbulb sockets electrified pyramids
hand built from black flames and crushed mithai
drowning in lakes of unsweetened almond milk, irani saffron and pink cardamom seeds
she clicks the button shooting sweet jaggery through its umbilical cord
her silent hand slaps the surface of air in the parallel world
ripples turn to boiling spheres filled with oily hair and flower petals
splattering icy hues airbrushed across layer caught in consecutive glaciations
launched like rockets from white tents smothered by the humid blue sky
pristine white clouds and a murmuration of toffee custard shades and caramel crystals
weapons of war wilt as incense burns – offerings are thrust into the havan
heat from the lovers sizzles with each bite of flesh and crack of bone
divination for future civilisations spoken through prayers and the inhalation of fragrant sound
demons and gods churn the ancient amrit sea as inky molasses fish swim in synchronised patterns deep under the snow
solarised photocopies pop with the pungency of fleur d’oranger, pine nuts and pomegranate tea
a goddess inhales through a ceremonial pipe carved out from the pit of a mango
lying in the haveli she is awakened from a dream
her hand speaks as her tongue did long ago when the stars were born
her blazing words set fire to mortals
the pious flower cuts into her finger
a drop of blood diving into an ocean of melted hearts