• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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The federation were stymied. Two of their biggest players in the alliance had vetoed the invasion of the troublesome planet, Cerea. At the same time the economic bases were making their displeasure known via the military junta which had seized power on the gas giant, Oo-zae. This was exacerbated, as always, by the eternal prodding of the warmongering contingent on Zyrii-Ell.

A collection of pirates, thieves and assassins themselves, that particular rogue asteroid settlement was ever eager to set up a buffer to protect its own illegal activities. The problem was it had the ear of too many corrupt officials within the federation.

The fighting on Cerea went on. Certain leaders of the federation met in camera and decided to implement a certain Machiavellian gambit. They would hold a vote on proposed action as regards Cerea, while publicising through Galactic Media that the vote had NO LEGAL STANDING.

Hae-Egg was particularly pleased at this. The public announcement of the lack of actual intention associated with the vote would act as a soporific for the general citizenry of the federation who were raising an increasing outcry against military action against the Cerean government. He had found it worrying that so many Terrans were educated enough to spot a political con these days, and taken steps to rectify this by cutting back on the education budget on Terr.

He treated himself to a self-satisfied smirk. Let those unduly educated know-alls see through this vote-ploy. There was nothing illegal about it. It indicated to those elements within the alliance which chomped at the bit for carnage that Cerea was there for the taking without actually advocating invasion of the planet.



Tchi and Roos, the two planetary systems which had vetoed anything but a diplomatic approach would be caught on the hop when Oo-zae invaded. It was always easier to apologise and make sounds of disapproval afterwards than seek permission beforehand.

Once the Oo-zae forces were there, they could have their mind-controllers concoct evidence against the resource-rich neighbouring planet which had withstood their siege and found friends within the federation’s high council by not actively responding to several military incursions. Sheah was the real target. How could Tchi and Roos continue their veto there when confronted with “evidence” of its involvement in the Cerean conflict? How indeed? Hae-egg eased his reptilian form back into the bucket seat and prepared for his monthly moult.

An idea struck him as the skin dried. ‘What if the death of an ailing star blanked out coverage by Galactic Media, leaving the federation’s population totally out of the information loop?’ The high grade white noise radiation would disrupt all communications. Wittusto had been approaching nova for some time. She could implode at any time.

The communication to the Oo-zae was quickly answered. The ambassador came in casual clothes, as anyone might on a stroll along the river which bordered the swamp.

He carried the golden goose, which was not as fairy-tales described, but did the job.