• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Molochize your breaths for a Windmill like Boxer
smolder in the blazing passion of a philanthropic heart
innocence knows no gimmick no lies for it proudly
stands rampant as a horse like a wood-carved sculpture
you'd see in a museum redolent of renaissance & cavalry
tints of fuchsia, Dutch pink, laurel green – elation
flow like inspiration in the veins of a beautiful mind
like gossamer is the intricacy of a Machiavellian scheme
of Snowball & Napoleon & like an apparition
invisible & imperceptible to those who like breathe
& dwell in the fire of love like a Salamander
unity now has become a cavaletto to hold the canvas
of left wing endeavours that cloak the selfish interests
of those on whom you rely for a true reformation
singing the anthem of the Animal Farm, we all end up
like Boxer or like a chameleon in bosky shades