• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Cave of Cold Comfort

Across the lake as setting sun breaks through the clouds
I'm gifted a glimpse of heaven's path,
a snow cave, carved out of what I once thought
was a white, fluffy fog of little substance.
I stopped to think, to find my way, closed my eyes
and on opening them my view changed,
clouds were gone, this suspended cave path remained.
I begin to climb the hill among the trees to try to reach this
sculpted pathway to the next world,
a place of eternal light as far as I can see
with vistas even more beautiful than the one I am leaving.
My heart beats faster as my mind seeks
the place for jumping off, to cross the divide from
trees and hill and lake to that cut-out above me.
I'm wearing a jacket. Quite glad of it,
for this pathway to the next world, to the place I'm
sure will offer comforts beyond compare,
this path looks to be a cold, hard walkway.
At least the first steps to Nirvana will
indeed be cold comfort for my body even while
promising light, warmth to my soul.