• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

Caught In-between an Ache and a Dream

I slip through the sliding door
into la salle d’attente
and wait to be called
to be told
one way or another
if I’ve made it out of limbo.

Blue meets yellow
makes heart chakra green.

I read lines from my past life
but set them aside.
They mean nothing here
in the waiting room.

Times becomes fluid.
Thoughts make truth of dust in ether.

The moon has turned away from me tonight.

I compel a conjuring
to steal away through a chink
in the moment’s armour.

Show yourself to me, doorway.

The moment trembles on the brink of unknowing.


Caught In-between an Ache and a Dream

My mind pulls back the curtain
spies a chink, a glimmer, a chance.
It glitters then disappears,

I will not fret.
My escape from limbo comes soon.

Until then I’ll wait.