• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Catch you inside

In, in, inwards we go!
To internal infinity,
world anonymity.
Where none has ever gone
and returned home
whole, or the same piece.
We shall feast from the weird,
the ‘oh it’s so strange’,
and queer. We’ll fire guns,
destroy it all, have fun.
Bring down the I,
we’ll start from up high,
best be at night,
must finish at dawn.
Madness might smell us,
a hungry menace,
she’ll want to eat us,
So give her your toe.
Quick switch the engines,
fast to the exit!
Don’t get despaired
and don’t dance the blues.
Remember to look
up, down, right ’n left,
turn three times around,
sit on a chair. Spit good
from behind, remember a lie.
Open your eyes, welcome back!