• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Cataract Philosophy

An optical delusion,
A cataract philosophy,
that our story begins with the folding of patio chairs;
holding temporary stories
of those wearing the suits and ties.

The only history worth preserving,
Which continuously measurers our performances
as individuals learning how to climb.

Somehow, when we trade in our patio chairs
for Aeron chairs the air-conditioned breath
seems to desiccate our solace.

The pressing of keys begins to construct images,
The forming of words that turn into the sentence;
I’m not sure if a suit and tie is what I want anymore.

You become lost in this forest
Where bricks replaced the pure green scenery
and your name plate reads a name you no longer recognize

Then you pick up a brush,
You taint it in red.
A passion grows where the cataract philosophy begins to erase.
The sentiments fill the mirror with a pentimento face
Maybe, you can wear your suit and tie with flip-flops to this new canvas;
An unfinished painting where you’re still defining its ongoing purpose.