• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10


there is a haven;

a peaceful but clumsy one,
where all unspoken truths lay.
rooted on a fountain of hope that sees no light.
alienated from the rest, in a cascading succession.
Like a ragged beggar at a town's outskirt, here it   
lays adorned in garments of success but
reeking of dirty oil from it’s enameled skin.
there is a haven;
one with many echoes of songs unheard.
where all unspoken truths lay.
Glaring to this sight are curious eyes
with whispers of eavesdrop on their lips.
But they can’t be blamed at all. Can they?
For it has become an art of exhibition!
But wait, let me tell you the truth;
when you drive in deep
you’d see nothing but a coat of many colors
outworn and entangled in webs,
drifted into oblivion.

Such a task is daunting!
you wish you could sleep it all away, only to
have it all staring at you in the face again.



This is where you realize the vacation you took    
from earth a while wasn’t worth it.

because there’s a haven;
where all unspoken truths lay.