• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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I prefer the under you,
underwater, under stress,
ill – defined curves,
wobbly outlines, body of red,
flowing liquid of human form,
shape – shifting, outpouring of blood –
red grief in water. You shimmer,

you draw me in to imperfection,
to chance. Above is a mirror,
a gloss upon truth. Underneath,
you are mythical creature,
mermaidman, embodiment of freedom.
Look! You are twisting out of silver wires,
breaking free from chains,

ripples give you texture, movement.
No concentric rings to encircle
a champion statue, an emblem;
no victory stance. Here you move
in your own way, Calypso of the sea,
you cast aside five circles, blessings.
It is time to move your own way.