• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 03


could there be a theme
the question is rhetorical
sketched in soft pencil to
amplify the contrasts yet
also emphasises light and shade
a fairly conventional take
on what can be called boring -
look you're bored bored bored
enough to go on for several/
many lines before making a
halt - to inspiration - call it
an unlit cigarette - you're too
bored to light a cigarette
after covering all the bruises
in a long plain piece
of clothing - there's a dark
patch next to the left eye
hard to account for in words
or in any respect - just
sketched in for the hell
of it as they say - a path
way to a world of ambiguity
where nothing else happens
a state of ennui both too easy
or difficult to sustain an
attitude bitten by the bug
of indifference where a name
does not exist - does not reach
out from the depths of
its distant eyes