• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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Butterfly Effect

When she learned that her students were killing
insects for fun, the kindergarten teacher started swallowing
caterpillars to protect them.

She would let the worms transform inside her.
She would then pull up her skirt every time she would fart
so that the butterflies could come out of her ass

unharmed. The parents filed a complaint. Never mind that she farts
in her own time. Never mind that she swallows bugs
in private, collecting them in jars first before taking them in

in her own home. Never mind that no students have ever seen her
pull up her skirt. Infested with obligation, the principal hived
with the parents; opens the school gates for placards & loudspeakers.

All bugs are pests! All bugs are pests! All bugs are pests!
But the teacher stood her ground, proclaimed that adults are nothing
but vessels for the flightless, cocoons for nurturing wings. A horde

of parents swarmed the teacher. Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!
The splat of her body drowned by words chirping like critters.
For the humans! For the humans! For the humans!