• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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A Brown Hair Day

All her days lead down the same blind alley.
Depression and sadness obscures
her vision of any transformative light.

She pops the pills obediently
and writes down as she has been instructed,
words to elucidate, explain and invigorate

In alphabetical order with symmetry and grace.
Bewildered        JOYFUL        Restless
Compromised        KINDLY         Solitary
Demoralised        Lonely        Tortured
EXCITED        Miserable         Unloved
Frantic               No-one         Vacant
Ghostly         Obsolete         Worthless
HAPPY         Pathetic         XXX to herself in lieu

She waits to fill in the gaps with positive words.
        They scrabble and shine just out of reach.
But she knows they will appear if she is patient
        As words out of a hat and just as magical.