• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Brick by Brick

We built this city
its walls and gullies
its red and blue barrios
abandoned storefronts
narrow alleys barricaded
precincts and armories
potholed one-way streets
besieged redbrick schools
houses for sale homes
awaiting demolition
bars churches city parks
a sock ground into the dirt
a canvas shoe laces broken
a rusty swing comes and goes
to the silence of past laughter

We built this city
handicap parking outside
starfish malls factory outlets
close-out-sale banners
sun bleached logos billow
over JCPenney and Sears
memories of Woolworth
Levitz Furniture A&P
B. Dalton Toys R Us
Mr. Movies Sam Goody


Brick by Brick

We built this city
of homeless squatters
cardboard hotels borrowed
shopping carts plastic bags
dark suits digital portfolios
stilettos and Gucci bags
gated communities gleaming
glass on cliff edges like
tear-drop pearls
over swollen seas

We built this world
brick by crumbling brick
stamped our thumbprint
into wet cement
and fled to the clouds.