• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10


Reality is so fraught with disaster, yet there is no abundance of escape routes.
There is no easy way to shut the mind off from roaming anxieties, and painful sights.

The flood waters are almost reaching our kneecaps, the flames in the forest are racing towards the front door.
Even if I could shut my eyes to this, would it really be wise?

But to take a moment, to feel my heart beat within my chest and to know my breath is still warm, is necessary for what is ahead.

To let peace wash over me, to take what privileged time I posses and focus my mind and body before both are exasperated.

To truly escape within one's self for long enough to let the repair begin.
Because time will march forward, and the chances for escape will lessen.

Time will be a commodity that you or I can ill afford to waste.
As once the breathing quickens and wide eyes spring open, action must be taken.