• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Boy overboard

Of all the boys I ever loved,
You I loved the most.
Despite all the hurt you caused,
I don’t know what it was.
It must have been all the love you gave
The love they couldn’t see.
But there’s only so far love will go
Before it hits the sea.
My vision started blurring,
The waves, they hit me harder.
I wasn’t floating anymore
The sea had taken me in.
The beach was too far
And your love seemed safer.
So I learnt to breathe, despite the struggle
And made my peace in your stormy sea.
You were everything I ever wanted
Until I saw the shore
And I knew I wanted sunshine,
Just to lie on my back and breathe.
You let me go through crashing waves,
And now as I sit on the shore
Looking out into the sea,
I wonder how happy you are
In your stormy sea.
And while I lie on my back
Staring out into the sea
I realise finally
That you weren’t at all the man I wanted,
You were just a boy at sea.