• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Borrowed Blessings

When do we stop
their names?
Even in the vastness of despair I
still search for
my mother’s
My daughter brought with her birds and
turtles, trees and
She speaks so clearly in Jade Green behind those Skyline Blue eyes and
I could loose days entwined in her hair that thickens daily, soothing her third eye and I don’t know if she is blessed or cursed with this otherworldly insight that I
can not articulate to the untrained.

Fearless and ready she knows
that she will ride waves
and they are already calling

Fearless and unsteadily I know
that she chose my school


Borrowed Blessings

Even sizeless she can size up the seven seas and every siren and
With the blessing of every God her purity of heart is safeguarded and
I pray that the tides that orchestrate
her fate are kind to both her and
I and
gift us with wise winds that
return her
home to

as I will never forget her name
that the wise winds whispered
into my ear long before she arrived and
I call her name every day hoping that
she will always long to reunite with
her first