• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Born From Water

What am I breathing? Am I breathing?
Is this air? How can there be air here? Another breath when the pain leaves. Another pain when the breath leaves.
And another, and another, and another. For a few minutes? A few hours?
There is no time. There is not enough.
Too long under water?
Too long without breath?
Deep inhale. Push. Repeat.
No space for other thoughts.
Pressure becomes burning. Stretching. There is a limit. It’s crossed.
And then there you are.
Born from water. Pushed out of it.
Suddenly, all the weight of the world on you.
Motionless. Squished blue.
Taking a first shaky breath.
This is air.
And you fill your lungs with it for your very first cry.