• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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Bone Hand Skull Rock Branches Death

These words are formed of bone
lines written on the hand
lines circled through the skull
they sit upon this rock
they travel through branches
these words are made of death
Yet not afraid of death
this mind enclosed by bone
this mind grows new branches
it opens like a hand
it closes like a rock
these thoughts surround the skull
This body holds the skull
remaining whole in death
as solid as this rock
the flesh has left the bone
the flesh that masked this hand
these dreams between branches
Still naked like the branches
this emptiness of skull
this emptiness of hand
it fills the air like death
it scrapes the heart like bone
these endings hard like rock
This rend remains like rock
nerves undone by branches
nerves shattering the bone


Bone Hand Skull Rock Branches Death

they shiver through the skull
they follow paths to death
these maps upon the hand
Unseeing with the hand
this vision blind like rock
this vision cold like death
it tangles in branches
it vibrates through the skull
the eyes reject the bone
These rocks spread as branches
death penetrates this skull
a hand without a bone