• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Boldly Going

The town had turned out to watch
Pru suit up for her dive, masked
and snorkelled with her customary
egg-whisk to filter persistent solids
that might otherwise get sucked in,
gulped down into stomach and gut.

Someone muttered that a helmet
should be mandated, to minimise
close encounters of the turd kind
but 'Divers must be permitted to
make their own Health and Safety
provisions', quoted Prudence.

An effluent operative mocked her,
saying a khaki shirt should suffice.
He scoffed that a mac, especially
a shiny vinyl one in cowpat green,
was going over the top and would
turn her from a diver into a floater.

Prudence dismissed his remarks  
as a snide way of saying she was
just showing off. Then, calling out
'Nice chain of office,' Mr Mayor,
she dived right in, creating spatter,
ending the chatter.