• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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Blue Skies

She’s poor not only in money, but also
in dreams. Her fairy-tale world sports
clouds made of cotton balls attached
to the sky by a loose cotton string. Her
make believe sky does not transition
in hues of blue but is a continual shade
like the light blue paint on a child’s wall.
Her dream continues with thoughts of milk cows
scattered across green fields. Her dollar store imagination
limits her mind to plastic containers of milk with no cows in sight. Simple. Plain. Fake. This is her dream of sky and land, but one day
soon, she’ll meet a new mom and dad. They
won’t be rich in money, but in love. Then
she’ll see blue skies in varying shades. Clouds
won’t hang from strings, plastic bottles won’t
replace milk cows, and cows will eat blades of grass
which will be of the truest green.