• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11

Blue Moon, October 31, 2020

Once, in a blue moon, sphere alight,
desire woke us from our slumber
of lesser onus, an ancient appetite upon us,

two famished wolves trapped within
our own doors, hungry for more
life, for purpose, for progeny to raise

toward the empyrean, and higher,
bedroom burning, a tidal fire,
engulfed in waves until we drowned

in Yes. We said, Oh come
be our child, wind of change, blow down
this stagnant house, and quick—

midnight pulled you in, raised a blaze
of hope from darkest hour, and later,
as we handed sweets to trick-or-treaters

bundled in costume and coat, you spun
on the backs of our fingers— a secret
only we conceived.