• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

Blue Moon Lyric

Today was the first day that felt like summer, and

here you are, still waiting
on a genie’s kiss - here to make one more wish
a final choice from the list
as you recall the events that brought you to now

from that time you forgot to take your turn,
you laughed, heard an echo
and a long day at school became a ghost train that passed all the stations
and left you here, a lost property

in a place where they only watch TV and pretend to know your thoughts
all tongue tips and elephants, fluffy and pink -
but where are they now?

You are a line of one: stronger alone.

Able to slip your head into the clouds whenever you please
and burst ideas, squeezing drops of stars
into instructions for them to remember you,
left quietly on a small, round table

You are what is being waited for - you know this as you fade
into a corner shadow, created by the light of the third summer moon.