• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 10


My best friend- lover-lady- has left me. It was not her
volition. She would have chosen to stay.
She would have wanted to wrap her arms around our boy-child and me and dangle her silky fine hair and blue ribbon, to tickle him.
  I will always remember her waking-lady ceremony, stirring under blue covers and drifting toward the blue bathroom. It was her blue haven. With a gentle rub of the blue negligee she used to wipe imaginary smears from the round circle of glass in her blue world.
  She would rinse her beautiful face, soap her hands, then reach for the soft towel. This was usually misplaced by the boy. She would smile weakly to herself, twisting it carefully through the gleaming ring. Teeth brushing was completed using a baby soft brush. She would frown ruefully as red intrusive drops dripped sadly from her mouth to shining bowl. Only occasionally would she use the glass circle for it's true purpose.
I knew that she missed the life force from before. In my eyes she was our Woman of Courage.
  Family and friends offered comfort. They borrowed our son to bring a sense of normality to him.
Before he returned I stood in the blue bathroom and imagined the faint scent of Blue Grass wafting around me and the tape playing Blue Moon...