• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 03
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Blue Jealousy

Oh no! they'll see me up here! Up here on the lighting gantry, staring down the front of the blue flowing curtain to the stage below. That part should be mine, the Mermaid in a Shakespearean setting. But no, they gave it to the cool blonde. All I know is that I was so distressed I climbed up here to somehow cause a furore and spoil it for her. Except her performance, her beautiful performance of a mermaid caught by a fisherman's hook, the fisherman whom she adores from far below in the blue shaded depths. The strong and silent fisherman she wanted to leave her tail behind for, callously hooked that tail and began to haul her ever upwards, her piteous wails unheard by him. Her crystal tears mingling with the endless sea, gently mixing a new blue hue as the curtain bled.
The saddest thing, the desperate tearing of her heart and tail.
I listened in awe, desperately shredding my tissue.....and dropped it.....