• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Blue Blue My World Is Blue

I know this song, though
I can’t recall its name
or the lyrics, except that
there’s something about
green.green.dahdahdee green,
or maybe it’s blue.blue
dahdahdoo blue, or something
kinda like that, and
I first heard it when we were
driving through the valleys
and hills of mid-Wales, and
the newborn lambs were all
wobbly on their pin-thin-legs,
and the April air was syrupy
sweet with purple heather,
and I remember that you
cursed the car’s radio
for eating your favourite
ABBA cassette, chewed up
right between notes,
in the middle of Waterloo,
and I pulled the tape from
its tangled innards, and
rewound it with a hairpin.
I sure wish I could remember
the name of that song.