• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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Blonde Ambition

Tree-bathing, they said, will make you feel well
I had been feeling off-colour, they could tell

Get someone to take you away from this
Leave the farmyard behind, make a behind wish

It seemed far-fetched for an old goose
To be fancy-free, let out on the loose

True, I was thoroughly sick of others
Whether the pigs, humans, friends, lovers

They expected an egg every day
For a handful of grain, eggs in relay

What was in it for me, I wanted more
A life as a dancer, or a matador

Horizons need expanding for all creatures
Hum drum work cannot be all that features

Each day had become so grey and routine
As I sloshed in the mud, old has-been

Then along came a partner not of my ilk
Be-jeaned, lean framed, with hands of silk

Like me, he loved life in the outdoors
He saw me, with my ambition and flaws

It was a leap of faith from there of course
To the point where he held me without force

Come quiet, my love, put on this disguise
A blonde wig to confuse them, wins the prize


Blonde Ambition

So in plain sight we left the enclosure
To enter a world of harsh exposure

We wander the globe looking for trees
Me for my well-bring, him for the breeze

It may look like an odd pairing to you
For us we have freedom, each other too.