• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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blinding indifference

we have become blinded
blinded by chaos and indifference
politically and personally
in a world gone awry
leaders leading us into
the darkness of division
divide and conquer their motto
divide with walls of contempt
and fear of differences
weapons of mass destruction
sold to the tune of children's play
schools and churches offer no sanctuary
from the shrapnel of hatred
as roaming vests of death
wander freely through
the clouds of chaos
their indifference to life
exploding into slivers of flesh
children playing on the beach
become targets of missiles of hate
and indifference
and each bombing or shooting
each mass murder bring momentary outrage
and then the darkness clears and the memory
is erased by denial and indifference
and still the crowd roars — thumbs up
yes — we are blinded
and we are bound to death
by indifference...