• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Be the blindfold called, ‘love’

Love is a paradise that cannot be seen,
feelings of loyalty, friendship and something in-between,
Be the blindfold called, 'love',
as pure as the white dove,
keep me and I shall be,
true to the word for you to see,
believe and your doubts will be dispelled,
merge in my arms you will be safely held,
I will burn and be the light,
always be your secret delight,
hold the hem of magic and move,
let's just sync and groove,
deep in the darkness of night,
breathe the warmth of moon so bright,
searching through the ocean of soul,
blending together in a homo-phonic goal,
begin the journey of trust and letting loose,
where stiff struggles and clenching are of no use,
where dustiness of foiled attempts are swept,
where laurels of passion are kept,
let the blindfold guide,
let the love slide,
between the immortal soulmates,
let care open all the gates,
where I will be yours forever,
by your side in each endeavor.