• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Blind Greed

You pumped carbon dioxide
Our sky is radiant purple
Yours was blue with fifty green shades below, and dew
Carpets of abundant life

The fat of the land was yours
Who greedily stuffed it in
Discontent with enough you manufactured more
Flaccid food and plastic waste

Money means nothing here, now
No bank or crypto matters
Your investments hollow poison, as seabeds parch,
Flames rage through grass and woodlands

All animals are dead now
The last kangaroo has gone
Gasping, scorching, blistering: incessant heatwaves
Its tongue withered and blackened

Those who once served, self-serving
Switched off a light now and then
Avarice for your tomorrows, gave our today
To dry bones, to null and void