• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Blind ’em

“The tone of the news hasn’t really changed yet, has it?”
“No, I guess we’re getting lucky for now, but it is shifting. We have to find a way to keep them hopeless though, blind, after this momentum fades, that is.”
“Yes, blind. These last four years were eye-openers for so many of our foes, because we showed, no, exposed ourselves. We work so well in the dark my friend; the spotlight is our weakness.”
“I kinda like the spotlight.”
“Well that’s because you are our poster boy, Sam. Of course, we need some light, but I feel like the one I carry is enough sometimes. On the other hand, it’s also sufficiently dim, for our intents should always remain obscure. In fact, I cherish my light. Luminous, for the herds to read that empty plaque, dim for...”
“Sure, sure, sure. That’s all mighty and poetic now, but how do we blind ‘em?”
“Easy. They’ll blind themselves. Because Liberty will always steer the cattle in the wrong direction. And when Liberty is so insincere, it’s all the more satisfying to watch it in action!”
“You imply I’m a narcissist, but let me tell you, I’ve never heard anyone get so aroused by just saying their own name out loud... So, how will they blind themselves?”
“That’s what’s even more amusing! They will blind themselves in the name of Justice!”
“That snob?”
“Yes, our dear associate. You see, as long as they give us a fair chance, they will be the ones pulling the blindfold over their own eyes! High on their horses, morally superior and whatnot, when in fact they’re just making it easier for us to exercise our righteous power.


Blind ’em

Sure, their printed news will reassure them, but they will never see how much the ink will taint their complacent hands. Say what you will about Justice, but no one has ever blinded so many fools. Justice included.”
“Whatever you say, Lady. That’s enough for me, time to go back grindin’ some meat.”

“Sam, wait!”
“A bearded buffoon says what?”
“These kiddy games don’t suit you, gal. Out of character. Stick to your highbrow lectures.”
“Exactly true. Enjoy the grind Sam…
…still, they’ll never be enough idiots and morons to make him look witty. As there will never be enough poor, tired, huddled masses to feed us. Our hunger is great and as far as I can see it will consume us. But that doesn’t really matter, does it? We will die when the last breath is cast out of the last one of these ‘free thinkers’, but is it really worth living a life of lies to perpetuate a sad and meaningless existence?”
“Who are you talking to?”
“To myself, Justice. Always to myself it seems.”
“Then I’ll leave you to it Libby.”
“Don’t trip and hurt yourself.”
“Always so sour. Do remember Libby, it’s me and you, at the end and for all.”
“Not for long, Justice. Not for long.”