• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

Blessed by a Boon

In front of a tree green
sat a man wrapped in a blanket
He also wore a hat but his feet were exposed
to the mid-season's
unpredictable cold breeze

"Oh, Sir, your feet will catch cold!"
I exclaimed.
"Gentle lady," he said.
"Thanks for the concern
but my feet
in extreme climates
will no longer suffer
The only shoes I had,
I left them on the lamenting river
Over there daily strolls a beggar
with blistered feet and red eyes
His pain I couldn't see
So I gave him my shoes selflessly.
On my way home
I met the good fairy
she granted me a boon
of travelling miles bare foot
on snowy paths
or amidst hot flames
and never feeling annoyed
as my feet in whatever circumstances
will maintain normal body temperature


Blessed by a Boon

So here I sit tonight
watching the passers-by
You can read their pain
in my deep-seated eyes
but if again I can perform
some generous humanitarian act
I will surely do so with no regrets."