• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 07
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Black & white life
Once colorful everything!
Swinging in the huge garden of lilacs
Flying with the breeze of lavender beauty.
The rose petals showering from the sky
The broad smile made paradise.
The day-dream nourished by the lady.

The life is truth, a bitter truth
Does not meet every desire.
One day, the breeze becomes wind
And wind becomes storm.
The swinging stops one day
Her smile starts diminishing
She leaves the swing.

The pots of desires are ready to be accomplished.
One by one she opens every pot
And forgets everything else.
Her beauty, smile, breeze, rose petals becomes reminiscence
Now she is standing near the circled window
Looking at another lady opening the pots.
Only she knows that
Everything is ephemeral
Going to be black & white!