• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 08
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in the end, it was just the way
you left it. haphazard. littered

with care. almost as if you wanted
us to see how far we had come

from that happily-ever-after-dream
that we abandoned barely after

we had begun. i can see it now.
so clearly. what was and all that

we made of it. fresh-as-rose tulips
rival the dark thoughts that pervade

our hearts. our laughter that once
borrowed its mirth the zest of spring,

has but left; just rinds behind.
wine bottles in whose drink we lost

ourselves to each other, hold
the fallen pride of our egos.

the silence in our voices lie dead
like surreal connections from an old

world. when we woke rip-van-winkle
like, it was easier to lock ourselves

away. in the attic where no one cared
to go. not even you or me.



so, here i am. all alone. in what you and i
once called home. as i watch, the ravaged

remains of us slowly escape. care-free. but
wait…if you were here, you would have caught

it too. a rainbow perched atop each bubble.
why aren’t you?