• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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A headline in the morning,
To break the fast
Eyes divert from dream to dread.

‘Lady slipped on the red carpet’
‘President smirked at the refugees!’
Plus a full length essay on ‘How to harvest pure honey from bees!’

Surveillance with a hint of surgical strike,
They dance tirelessly,
On rhythms of politics and vintage wines.

Reports on ‘Health and Sickness’ tell a different story
‘No one is dying, illness is a myth’ – Gets diverted to
‘How to make an Indian curry in only 5 minutes’!

In far fetched lands,
Plenty of bodies fall – of hunger and panic.
Fortunately – none of it reaches their White Busy Houses.

Defeated. I sigh!
Seeing the ironical battle of tales,
My eyes say goodbye.

Provoked. Pricked.
Prepared for a blind future of fake trains,
That crisp paper hat, numbs the neurons of my brain.

Still in search of truth and reality
I fold the 15 pages of paper – they call News,
Into a boat of Callousness of merely adulterated views.