• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Birds of a Feather

I won't
You can't make me
You could be standing on the towering skyline
Trying to hand me my papers and I would refuse

You won't win
You will not light my fuse
I am the calm reservoir, rippling gently
You will not provoke a storm in me today

I may be small but I am cerise
You, on the other hand, are nothing but grey
I see you standing there so smug with yourself
One foot in and one foot out of the other side of the scene

It is always greener there
Yet you seem reluctant to visit
Wild wallabies graze in the midday sun
But you prefer to stay than run away to the green

In the corner of my mind
I am screamed at to jump
Jump with both feet into the abyss
But I won't listen to my mother, she is not this.

Waking now
I've been dreaming, of course
Stretch and yawn, listen to the dawn chorus
Reach for the one, lights shining brighter than ever


Birds of a Feather

Send a short message and remember;
Birds don't tweet they make weird sounds
It'll soon be over, nothing to fear, not here anyhow
Except for the madness of Kings searching for thrones
And the distance of love is how far we can throw our stones.