• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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first you bind the reversed head
a blind of metafictional revenge
on the body you would torture
or swipe with a Daesh dagger
to take out Isis for begetting Horus
a history played backward
still repeats itself
as seen by the one-eye

a desert tribesman I met once told me
his people had no god
not even nature, under the stars
nothing: the oasis as mirage

and I understood him
how else to explain a multiverse
foul death by other means
in places still unknown
our probe approaches Jupiter
still the harsh old rapist
of a million goddesses
on first looking into Homer

the Trojan Horse is my nuke
for most a mere rebuke
we're carried away by it
pain cannot remember how begun



and I cannot demand more of it
the sheer stupidity of Stalingrad
the fortress turned to slaughterhouse
is it so with us? has Himmler come again
in redemption there's no gain
the west shall push the east
but what's the least of it
the feast of the dead maybe, fear not