• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09


Big Red, the destroyer of worlds, watches. She has watched for countless turning’s, through numerous judgements. Her soft gentle brown eyes see everything and everyone with a passive regard that is totally misleading. On her magnificent head Big Red carries a set of massive horns. One horn curves gracefully downward and around itself into a blunt nonthreatening knot. The other horn juts straight out then straight up skyward ending in a fine fatal tip with a promise of extreme violence.

In her mind Big Red holds two contrasting images, images ripped from the pages of a long, long forgotten book. One image is tranquil and beautiful with calm blue seas, glorious clear skies and bountiful clean earth. This is Big Red’s template of a good world society, a society on a safe healthy journey. This world society cares for and about the earth it dwells upon. The other image held in Big Red’s head is a dark gloomy over urbanised, over industrialised earth being slowly poisoned and suffocated by greed and stupidity. This is the world destroyers’ template for a world society gone wrong, very wrong.

When Big Red sees a world society has evolved down a pathway past the point of no-return she stops watching and acts. A sweep of her massive head one way and a blessing is bestowed and that world society flourishes. When her head sweeps the other way however, it is a curse, the final curse. The sharp deadly tip scours clean the face of the earth removing the parasites that plague it.  Scraping clean the canvas for the next turning.

Big Red, the destroyer of worlds, is watching, for now.