• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10

beyond the starkness of symbols

behind elaborate iChing lines
pedestals for air, fire, earth and water
hidden there are soft ungeometric spaces
caretakers of infinity

arches frame each window
colors illuminate the altar
from this belief I came to life
perhaps at the end I will learn its love

as a child I was not allowed
colored ink but the yin/yang
to trace letters and figures
with the beauty of calligraphy

I do not paint without contrast
shadows must resonate hints of cobalt
or faded magenta
are you and I so distinct?

black and white
so much distance between
until dawn opens the blinds
to the details of a day


beyond the starkness of symbols

the zing of lust's arrow
clichéd unison of two souls
heart to heart, dance music
we discover our new reflections

cupped between the curve of parentheses
this one day, all of your letters found again
lost in a carved box from religion's peace
your words memorized one by one

I chose simple black, edges rounded
your first love poem etched
in the perfection of white
these ashes are my infinity

beyond the starkness of symbols