• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

Beyond Our Realm

"Past our eyes
And into the starry
Skies of night
Exists a world so
Different than
What we can imagine."
I sneak a peek at his eyes
And, as I do this, he
Is trying to understand
What I am saying, yet
Is ignoring me at the same

"We are here, you and I.
We exist, yes? But, beyond
What we can ever fathom,
Is a world waiting to
Be Explored. One of
Snakey bugs, Oversized lizards,
Humongous flowers, and
Infinite time zones.
We are here and it is there."
I do not know if he understands
What I am saying,
Yet my son, *nods in agreement*
Only for acknowledgement of
My words.


Beyond Our Realm

"There is a curvy moon,
Full of sass and funk.
Rowed houses, lined up in
Accordance to color and shape,
And cars that zoom by
Like our fastest locomotives."
He is silent, taking in what
I said last, juggling its content
In his wandering mind.
Seconds later, I watch him
Move with precision, calculating
His approach to the subject
And, he says,
"Sounds a lot like
Grandma's neighborhood."