• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 03
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Beyond degradation

Filled with the promise
of friendly utility
with an easy acceptance
you crept into our lives

Unaware you would long outlive us
and our progeny
you tripped us up
with your
convenient allure

How could we be
so oblivious
to your devious nature
the ingeniousness
of your takeover plot?

Serial killer
in a shiny suit
apparently inert
laying your traps
to strangle and subdue


Beyond degradation

ransack the planet
with an ever-increasing
cycle of abuse
infiltrate every microcosm
with your perpetual subdivision

Standing on the brink
of this plastic-fantastic chasm
staring into the abyss
a-swill with a potent mix
of your offspring

how will we ever fight back
with both hands
zip-tied behind our backs
and our eyes
obscured by your rose-tinted lenses?